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A space that isn’t connected to your wholehearted self creates friction and distraction in your environment.

Creating a sanctuary for comfort and relaxation is an essential part of the healing process. 

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When you are experiencing these feelings, maybe from trauma or loss, it can be easy to get stuck in the perception of being judged by others or struggle to have quality interactions in the world.

Feeling like you are holding onto a secret, that you are not being completely real or fully yourself can put you in a cycle of repeated trauma, grief or negative mental chatter.

There are tools, techniques and resources we can use to help you move into a more positive space.



Asking the right questions to find the answers already within you.


energy WORK

Release and realign the energy stored within you and around you for deep and lasting healing.



Everything we are and all of our experiences are connected through our breath and the movement of our body.



Time can be used for verbal guidance only or in conjunction with energy work

I highly recommend Peace of Self for anyone looking to put their mind at ease or to release any emotional tensions.

Every session I have with Nancy is always more profound than the last, leaving me feeling light and more in tune with the life path I have set out for myself.

It was life changing for me, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
— Alessandra

Go from feeling trapped, isolated or stuck to being the person you know you can be.


Meet Nancy

Reflecting back to where and how this all began. I find it difficult to pinpoint an exact moment in time. At the age of five, as an independent girl, reaching for her own breakfast cereal, where the night gown being worn caught fire. To the times of transitioning through schools as we moved from state to state ultimately to a different country during the vulnerable teen age years. Regrouping at the age of 24, understanding the need to gain fresh insights, perspectives and the courage of finding who “AM I” ….without preconceived notions of others expectations, I moved back to the USA. Here I would start the journey of picking up the pieces of self.