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I will challenge you if you need me to,
but I will always give you everything you need to get you through.

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The Tools I Use

Based on your unique story and experiences, I will work with you to put together a plan that is comfortable for you.
We will concentrate on supporting you through the process of self-discovery, transitioning through your development, and finding your way to a balanced life of ease and connection.

The tools I have developed can be mixed, matched, and combined for a variety of modalities experienced during a single session.
It is also common to vary the experience from session to session to support you where you are in your day.



During a coaching session we will sit together and connect through questions and sharing of experiences. Our initial conversations will revolve around trust building and uncovering where we agree coaching can make the biggest impact.

We will gently work to uncover blocks preventing you from being who you are and true to who you want to be, taking you to a more comfortable place, setting boundaries, and coming to terms with your truth.

Owning our experiences and becoming whole opens us to living a more confident life and feeling confident in pursuing our needs in the world.

Coaching is a great compliment to energy and breath work or could be the sole resource we use together.

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Each energy work session will focus on the biggest concern or top of mind issue you have brought with you for that day. With the intention for the session set, you’ll take your position on the table. My role as an intuitive is to connect, channel the messages, guides, thoughts, and support that come through for you during this time.

Your presence is enough during the energy work sessions, but I welcome you to share as much or as little as you’d like. We can discuss your needs verbally, or allow for quiet time - which usually lasts about 45 - 60 minutes.

After the session is complete, we will discuss anything that came through that feels relevant to our set intensions and allow you the space to provide your feedback, connect, and respond.

The feelings after a session can range in emotion so we will be sure to take the time needed to ground, align, and move forward.

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breath & movement

During healing work, emotional triggers and reactions can be a normal and expected part of the experience. By recognizing the reaction the body is having, we can use breathing techniques and movement to quickly restore balance, bring peace and calm, and center ourselves.

The tools of breath and movement are ones we will use together, but are are also valuable skills you can take with you to use as you navigate your days.

If you are someone who often experiences strong feelings and triggers, I encourage you to explore the world of breath as a wonderful resource for healing.

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It is over time that I have learned to recognize and appreciate the role my intuition has played in my journey. Following my intuition overseas to the United States was a profound life experience. The deep knowing I felt during that time was only recognized as intuition later on, but I now look back with profound gratitude for the feelings of support that my intuition has always provided.

Today, it is a gift I honor and actively use as a tool to help others. Intuition is a foundational element to all of the work I do, and comes through in coaching sessions, energy work, and even in the time spent working on designing spaces.

I’m happy to be here to share these gifts with you and look forward to the opportunity to support you.


The Next Steps

Yay, you! This is a huge step toward finding all the pieces of yourself and honoring who you are. I’m humbled that you are willing to explore and share your journey with me. I recognize that it might be a tough decision to take this step, and acknowledge that by getting here you have already made wonderful progress.

Having a conversation is never a commitment, with no cost for that first meeting, and very much on your terms. We always start with step one.

Step ONE

An initial open conversation without evaluation or judgement.

Step TWO

Collaborate together to identify the best path to serve all of the pieces that need healing.


Provide a combination of services to get you to there.

The times I have energy work with her have been great! She always explains the process and wants to know your feedback and really gets involved in the experience.

The energy work has always had a positive and uplifting outcome and I look forward to seeing what is next!
— Julia